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"Established in 2016, PINO International Standards College, also known as Professional International Norms Organization For Colleges "PINO College", has anchored its business ethos on pillars of credibility, neutrality, independence, honesty, and incorruptibility. Our commitment to these core values is enshrined in our Code of Business Ethics, a document that delineates our guiding principles and underscores their binding nature across all facets of our operations.

The PINO Code of Business Ethics serves as a compass, illuminating the path of integrity for every individual associated with our institution. It delineates the standards of conduct that we uphold with unwavering dedication, both internally amongst our team and externally in our interactions with stakeholders.

This code, alongside our Personnel Regulations, forms the cornerstone of ethical behavior at PINO, providing a robust framework for decision-making and action. It empowers employees to seek guidance from their direct supervisors, members of the Executive Management, the Human Resources Department, or the independent supervisory committee whenever uncertainty arises regarding ethical conduct.

We firmly believe that every individual within our organization, from the Board to Executive Management to every employee, bears the responsibility to uphold these principles in all endeavors undertaken on behalf of PINO International Standards College / Professional International Norms Organization For Colleges "PINO College". It is through collective adherence to these principles that we foster a culture of trust, integrity, and excellence."


Founded in 2016 in Switzerland


Managed by Swiss Qualified Auditors


We offer Online Services too


+30 Partners

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